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Tarkan, a Turkish rockstar is branching out and working with National Geographic on a documentary, the first fruits of which look to be a nice screensaver of the natural world.

Grab the Mac OS X Tarkan Nature Screensaver

Grab the Windows Tarkan Nature Screensaver

The Virginia Outdoors screensaver showcases the natural side of Virginia, with a beautiful collection of photographs. The screensaver also includes interactivity, and dynamic data, with email and news feeds. There is even a handy clock!

Virginia Outdoors Screensaver Downloads

IMAX Hubble 3D

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Spectacular images from the Hubble Space Telescope and of the telescope itself make this screensaver a “must have”. I’m sure the IMax movie is incredible, but the screensaver brings the Event Horizon right to your desktop.

Download the Mac OS X Screensaver

Download the Windows Screensaver

Visit the IMax Hubble Page

Take flight with Legend of the Guardians – The Owls of Ga’Hoole. The movie opens later this month, but the screensaver is available now and provides a nice preview of the owls on their journey. The movie has very impressive computer animation. The story seems to be half comedy, half adventure drama, it remains to be seen whether they are the right halves in the right places.

Download the Mac OS X Screensaver

Download the Windows Screensaver

Legend of the Guardians site (nicely done Flash site)

Up In The Air

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Up In The Air is a George Clooney movie where Clooney plays a man whose job it is to fire people. He spends a lot of time in the air traveling and the screensaver reflects this with a slideshow of Ken Burns style aerial panoramas.

Download Mac OS X Screensaver

Download Windows Screensaver

Up In The Air website.

Beautiful screensaver from the National Park Foundation. The organization is dedicated to preserving and promoting the many fantastic National Parks and Monuments in the United States.

National Park Foundation website (Click on “Take Action” ┬áthen “Give” then “Open your Gift” takes you to the free screensaver download.

Simply phenomenal pictures in this screensaver. If you love birds, or great nature photography this is the screensaver for you. The screensaver features some of the winners of the first Audubon Magazine Photography Awards.

Nice screensaver highlighting some of the amazing places and things to do in Australia. Just watch out for the Salties.

A whimsical screensaver from American Greetings, with an iPod-like silhouette of a woman strolling through a field of hearts. The trees are heart-shaped, as are the butterflies.

Download from here (registration required)

Spectacular video from Disney Nature’s film Oceans is embedded into this screensaver. It’s a pity they did not also include sound. Even so great footage, as you would expect from Disney.