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This is a nice screensaver with abstract looking graphics of the shapely Porsche 918 RSR. Unfortunately for some reason Porsche elected to remove the screensaver from the Screentime Installer, which works around several bugs in Mac OS X, so while the screensaver will install it takes some extra effort (I had to double clicked on it several times in order to get it installed) and is generically named . A good lesson in what not to do…

Download the Porsche 918 RSR Screensaver

A pretty cool pan effect is applied to Ottakringer beer labels in 3D space. Watching it almost makes you feel like you’ve had a beer.

Download the Mac OS X Screensaver

Download the Windows Screensaver

Toyota Sponsafier is a dynamic screensaver of cars with custom paint jobs created by people on the sponsafier website. Screensaver customization is done via an interactive settings window.

Sponsafier Screensaver Download Page

Sponsafier Website

Lotus have a big announcement and they want to make sure their fans are ready with this countdown screensaver.

Download the Mac OS X Screensaver

Download the Windows Screensaver

Visit the Lotus Website

A nicely produced screensaver that performed very well on my multi-monitor setup. Cards with pictures of the Cayenne from the inside and the out fly in and wiggle around. Nicely done.

McLaren have released an F1 nerd’s dream screensaver. Data is the key here, with a countdown to the next race calculated in days, engine lives, laps, pit stops and more. Data junkies, start your engines.

The screensaver presents a nice 3D exterior view of Porsche’s new 4 door “sedan”.

Maserati wrap nice cars inside a calendar to keep you up to date.

A beautiful rendering of old and new – with classic Ferraris and timepieces juxtaposed alongside the new and subtly updated Tudor Heritage watch. One of my favorite clock screensavers.

A classic sideshow screensaver of Volvo’s big new FMX truck. Truck fans and fans of big yellow machines will love this.