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Take flight with Legend of the Guardians – The Owls of Ga’Hoole. The movie opens later this month, but the screensaver is available now and provides a nice preview of the owls on their journey. The movie has very impressive computer animation. The story seems to be half comedy, half adventure drama, it remains to be seen whether they are the right halves in the right places.

Download the Mac OS X Screensaver

Download the Windows Screensaver

Legend of the Guardians site (nicely done Flash site)

Simply phenomenal pictures in this screensaver. If you love birds, or great nature photography this is the screensaver for you. The screensaver features some of the winners of the first Audubon Magazine Photography Awards.

The Screensaver for the wacky looking movie, Cats and Dogs. Sour puss puts on his doggy suit and causes some trouble – Cool cat to the rescue!

Spectacular video from Disney Nature’s film Oceans is embedded into this screensaver. It’s a pity they did not also include sound. Even so great footage, as you would expect from Disney.

Drop, chop and crash – into your screen. Watch-out this is a real cracker..